Sunday, October 08, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen, I went an amazing 0-4 in my Division Series predictions. Perhaps I should hang up my medium's license.

I'm very happy the Tigers beat the Yankees, though, and I couldn't be angry at the Moneyball A's for beating the also-low-budget Twins--but the Mets and Cardinals are in the NLCS again and I can't stand either of those teams.

ALCS--I'm picking the A's even though much of what I saw from the Tigers was very impressive. This should be a tough series; both teams have a mystical quality to them and it should go 6 or 7. Season: Tigers, 5-4. A's 4-2.

NLCS--Mets here in a "rematch" of the 2000 LCS that the Mets won 4-1. The Mets offense is just too difficult to pitch to in a series like this, and Carpenter won't be starting game 1 for the Cards so his equalizing presence is good for only a game, maybe two. But, perhaps, this will be a better series than advertised. I'm not counting on it. Season: Mets, 4-2. Mets 4-2.

Either way, we should have an interesting World Series no matter who emerges.


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