Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Month Eleven

Not much to report at this point in the game, but it's almost been a year. Nearly a year ago (April 27) I made my initial trip to New York just to feel it out, and ten days later I was moved in. The learning experience was golden. Perhaps everyone goes through this and learns this as an adult; and if you learned it earlier than that then you are one lucky individual: but all new things are very scary and daunting before you do it. Give it time, and scary and daunting merely becomes familiar and comfortable.

I gave myself a timetable of a year to decide if I'd stay here. But I decided a couple of months ago I would probably be here for another two years at least. There's still so much more to explore and feel out.

My brothers came out recently and I showed them around town: top of the Rockefeller Center, top of the Empire State Building, excellent pizza at Lombardi's, and quite a few bars. My older brother got to take a picture with Rupert Gee, the Hello Deli owner around the corner to the Ed Sullivan Theater who David Letterman has made famous. We spent a lot of time on Spring Street (Little Italy and SoHo sections), where a bachelor can notice pretty women once every three seconds. If there was a motivation to get out of debt, it's this area.

The upcoming year promises more changes and I'll update everyone on them as they happen. Right now, as a projectionist, I'm preparing for the biggest summer in movies ever. Until then...


At 4/11/2007 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Doc said...

Good to know you're still enjoying it. Sounds like you're spending a lot more time in Manhattan these days too.

Go out and find you a little Italian girl in Little Italy. Hopefully she looks like, but doesn't sound like, Fran Drescher (circa "The Nanny"). Good luck.


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