Saturday, June 02, 2007

In Praise

Well, it's the fashion of the day to tear men down, especially those who are very high, but I'm not here to do this. I'm hear to praise the immaculately-coiffured one himself, David Beckham. He lost his place in the England line-up last year, and was benched at his club team, Real Madrid. Now, approaching the summer break, he's starting every game for the royal club of Madrid, being a massive reason why they are in first place with just two games left in the league, and has, as of yesterday, earned his place back on the English side. And it's been through guts and determination, and a bloody-minded desire to make every free kick as perfect as possible.

This is what he did yesterday, against Brazil, in London, at the new Wembley, the new spiritual home of football:

You just can't kick a ball any more true than that. Many are clamouring to make him Sir David, and I can't say I disagree. Queen, make it be!

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