Monday, December 10, 2007


OK, so the Titans blew a 17-3 lead against the Chargers, and remain one of the most frustrating teams you'll ever witness.

And when it was 17-3, there was a point where the Titans were up against their own end zone and had to punt. Doesn't anyone like to take a safety anymore? I know what the thinking is, that it takes two touchdowns merely to tie, and by all means, the Titans should have not allowed two touchdowns after the way the defense had played all day. But you take the safety and make it 17-5, then you kick off and make the Chargers go the full length of the field to score their touchdown, not 48 yards like they did by punting. And the chances are, with that much field to navigate, they wouldn't have scored that touchdown that made it 17-10. Even if they do, it's 17-12 but much less time to try to score the second touchdown.

But of course, Jeff Fisher is as vanilla a coach as you'll ever come across, figures that no matter where the Chargers are they won't score a TD, and punts because that's what the book says to do.

By the way, the way the Chargers offense was going at the end, I wouldn't have even punted in overtime. I would have faked the punt and taken my chances. Yes, again, even though I was pinned back. They were going to be in field goal range with just a few yards anyway, why give it to them willingly?


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