Monday, September 15, 2003

Man-oh-man, did I ever have one of the most embarassing showings in a fantasy week ever yesterday. Not only did I score only 47 points, but I was the worst player, by far, in total points. I think my team is nothing but potential, and I'm going to have weeks like week 1 where I kicked total ass, and weeks like this past week where I score nothing. I know this, hardly anyone is going to beat George because he has two top running backs who likely will get the ball a lot and score a bunch, and that's why, after this week, I'm totally bummed as far as fantasy goes. Fuck it. Once again, the team I have cannot compete.

And what's this? In the cosolation bracket, Jonathan, we tied, but you advanced! That's of no consolation!

Bummed. What's the fucking use? What a shitty team I have.


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