Monday, September 08, 2003

As I watch the Tampa Bay/Philadelphia game, I realize week one is about to be over, and I thought I would offer a few thoughts.

Houston Texans in the superbowl? Just kidding, but that should be the biggest upset this season, and probably one of the top five games. But I'm not sure why everyone is so surprised. Miami's defense is overrated. So what if they had seven pro bowl selections; the probowl is overrated. Fiedler is a solid but non threatning quaterback. And in a game that close why would you only give the ball to Ricky Williams twice in the last two possessions? And on the other end, Houston is not your typical 2nd year expansion team. With all of the salary cap cuts by other teams, the Texans have been able to pick up some solid players. They might not win more than 5 games, but the fact that they took out Miami should not be that surprising.

Mike Martz is the one of the worst coaches in the history of the NFL. This guy is an idiot. Not only did he keep Warner in the game with a solid back-up available, but he decided to only have the ball handed to Marshall Faulk nine times. It's not like they were being blown out. Go to Bulger or don't. That's not the point; you're just a terrible coach.

The officiating in last night's game was terrible. I was at the game, and yes, I was rooting for the Raiders. I have to stay loyal. But the officials were making terrible calls hurting both teams. Mason should not have been awarded a touchdown. He never would have landed in bounds. McNair should not have been given a fumble. The Robaer Smith touching the Ref incident was absolutely asinine. But even through all of that, the Raiders didn't deserve to win the game, and I'm starting to think the experts might be right. McNair for MVP? Why not?

Lisa Guerrero is a hot moron. Her asking Patrick Ramsey what it was like to be playing against his old teammates was priceless.

Here's a series of hits and misses. Jake Plummer is a wash-up; watch next week when Denver actually plays a real team. Buffalo is not as good as they played and the Patriots are not as bad. My fantasy team did not play up to par; Chris is going to kill me next week. The Vikings are that good, but Favre is fine; I can't believe all of the retirement talk starting back up, something he never started in the first place - damn media. And I can't think of anything else to say right now.

Oh yeah. I will be getting that Houston Texans vs. the Carolina Panthers in the superbowl cover framed. And what's with Jeff Blake being the top rated quaterback yesterday, and his team lost? Crazy shit the NFL is.


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