Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I understand what you are saying about Vandy, and I don't think I said I was surprised that they lost. However, I think the fact that Ole Miss had to win with two 50+ field goals bodes well for the loveable losers. 75% of the time neither one of those field goals are going to be hit in a college game, and then Vandy wins by 3. And my reasoning with them winning 4 or 5 games is because they get to play games like Chattanooga, and can probably beat either Miss. St. or South Carolina.
I do have some passes out here in the boro, and probably will be seeing Jeepers Creepers 2 later this week. The horror movie critics that I usually agree with have given it about the same review you have, and so I am intrigued. And you're right about the first one; there was a hell of an opening thirty to forty-five minutes there, and then it just went to crap. I've heard this one has a lot of energy the whole way through, but the problem is the teens are nowhere near as interesting as the characters in the first film. But I guess I will see.


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