Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Yes, there were indeed many horrible calls in that Titans game, and one of the announcers summed it up best: They're flag-happy. I think, for sure, in this game the team that was supposed to win, won, but it's hard to watch a game so marred by penalties. Also, on the Mason catch, I would have to agree that there was a 99% chance that he would have gone out of bounds, but you never know what a guy can do with his feet--catches that shouldn't be become amazing feats of artistry. His body could have landed well out, but he could have controlled his feet. We'll never know, but obviously the Raiders defender thought he might be able to do it, so he drilled him.

Hey, speaking of fantasy, we're playing each other in the consolation bracket in baseball and in the football.

And hey, speaking of Mike Martz, that may be the reason Marshall Faulk will never be a good fantasy player for my team. Isn't it amazing that Priest Holmes became the new Marshall Faulk once Vermiel took over in KC? And due to his well-documented arrogance and stupidity, he'll probably not listen to anyone next week either about Faulk, and give him another day off.

Yes, I'm looking forward to the SI cover with Houston being touted as the next sleeper playoff contender. They might very well be 2-0 after playing New Orleans.

Hey guys, don't know about you, but I think KC, while being an improved team that might make the playoffs, has been overrated by the media. I mean, a couple of defensive changes does not a great team make. The media, starved for drama and irony, look for the Vermiel (a big friend of the media, and of course used to be part of the media for awhile) "3rd year magic," citing Philly and St. Louis as examples. It's coincidence, and Vermiel IS a good coach don't get me wrong, but they will need more to make the Super Bowl.

After the 30-10 whooping of Cincy, after that performance, can I take back my prediction about Denver? They suck! I mean, for real! It's only week 1, but geez...

Baseball playoffs: Could the White Sox, Red Sox, AND Cubs contend for the World Series? The way things stand now, you may have a possible ALCS showdown between both Sox. The Giants, who are also a World Series-starved team, would currently play the Phillies, and the Cubs would play the Braves...you could have an NLCS with Giants-Cubs (1989 anyone?), and the Cubs are 4-2 vs. the Giants this year. Cubs-Sox, doesn't matter, some team will end four generations of losing. I think that the chances are better for the Sox teams to make it than the Cubs...man I can't wait until the playoffs.


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