Tuesday, April 13, 2004

So, I guess the Cubs and Braves threw up a couple of turds yesterday, but you know, it can't be this bad all season. I mean, the Cubs line-up has got to come through at some point; and as for the Braves pitching, that can only get better. The Braves have five quality starters, and with Ortiz and Hampton, you have two pitchers who could be the aces on a lot of other staffs. I know Ortiz is the ace for the Braves, but you know what I mean. I also think Jared Wright has a lot of potential, and he looked really good on Saturday; I'm sure Chris will have many reasons to debate these statements; I am only an outsider to this franchise, but I think things can only get better. The Phillies are not playing to their potential; the Mets are doing about what everyone thought they would do, I still think they'll win quite a few more games than they did last year, and as for the Expos and Marlins, who really knows.


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