Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How Can the Titans Make the Playoffs?

from the Tennessean today:

"The Titans are one of several teams needing help in the final weekend of the regular season to get into the NFL playoffs.

The Titans play the Patriots at LP Field on Sunday (noon, WTVF-5 and 103.3-FM).

For the Titans to get into the AFC playoffs, four things must happen:

1) The Titans must beat the Patriots.
2) The Bengals must lose to or tie with the Steelers.
3) The Broncos must lose to the 49ers.
4) The Chiefs must beat the Jaguars."

Great...so now we have to root for the Steelers, 49ers, and Chiefs.

I actually think we can beat the Pats--Brady's banged up and many starters will be rested. I also think Cincy can/will beat the Steelers. Don't know about the other two, though. Might need a New Years Miracle.

I'll say this: If the Titans make the playoffs, they'll have a better chance at advancing than my Colts (which, if you know me...is saying a lot)....and they'll also owe kharma about 92 good deeds to make up for all the help getting into the post season.

Leave it to the Titans to take an 8-7 record and dominate the news to overshadow the single best season in Predators history.

**Also, Blogger is being a jerk and won't correctly format this post no matter what I do...just keeps shoving it all into one huge paragraph. Just wanted you to know I'd tried to fix it.


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