Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sound Observations

1.) Happy New Year. Let's see how 2007 turns out for everyone. I have a feeling it's going to be a very bizarre year for some reason, and it hasn't disappointed yet.

Pat Robertson's already acting crazy, which is a good sign. Onward to less important stuff.

NFL Week 17

2.) The playoffs are finally set... and I'm still kind of confused. How did the Giants get in after going 2-6 their last 8 games? How did Denver not get in? Why is Baltimore getting a first-round bye? Have I woken up in Crazyville?

Of course not. Baltimore took a below-average offense and made it... mediocre!!! Hurray! But apparently you don't have to have a real offense to win in the NFL today. Just ask Chicago.

3.) Speaking of Chicago, I just got back from the Windy City, spending my first anniversary at the Bears/Packers game with my beautiful wife. Great experience. I don't think I've met nicer, friendlier, and more passionate fans in my life. Even with 4:00 remaining in the 4th quarter, with the Pack up 26-7, hardly anyone had left Soldier Field, and there were still voracious chants of "Let's Go Bears! Let's Go Bears!" It was impressive.

On a related note Favre has got to stop this crying bit after games. Come on, man! You're arguably the toughest guy in the league and an NFL legend, not to mention you're probably coming back for another year. You could stand at the 50-yard line and piss your initials in the snow and get applauded. But, There's no crying in football!!!

I love him anyway, and so does pretty much everyone else. Good times.

4.) I was disappointed that the Titans missed the playoffs, especially since everything went the right way for them to get in. All they had to do was beat the 9th-string Patriots, led by the guy that played the teacher on Welcome Back Kotter. They didn't, and Herm Edwards' brigade will be playing the Colts this weekend.

So I was disappointed, until I realized, "What the hell were they doing in the hunt in the first place?!" This was one of the strangest, every-ball-bounce-your-way seasons I've ever seen. I keep expecting to read a headline in the Tennessean that says "Jeff Fisher Disintegrates at Press Conference As Devil Collects Soul on Trade for .500 Season and Contract Extension."

Seriously though, don't you think they'll be good next year?

5.) I don't think Michael Irvin even looks in a mirror any more, and I'm pretty sure his tailor is trying to find the most ridiculous things to put on him, just to see if he'll wear it on national TV. "Let's find some crystal meth residue, mix it with cat litter and Cocoa Puffs, iron it out, sew it together, and see if he says anything! Tee hee hee hee hee!"

And Irvin looks like he really doesn't understand why his co-hosts are making fun of him. Put down the pipe, Mike.

College Football

6.) C-A-R-D-S... CARDS!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! The Orange Bowl champs have something to smile about, until their star quarterback and stud running back declare for the NFL draft. What a season though, with Louisville in the national title discussion until they lost to an undefeated team by a field goal on the road.

Fucking Rutgers.

As for the talk that the Big East sucks donkey balls, how about a 4-0 bowl record this season? No other conference can boast that. I hope the voters show some love to an underappreciated conference that's due. Or the NCAA could find some common sense up their asses and make a GODDAMN PLAYOFF SYSTEM!!!!

7.) I really don't care about the National Title Game, other than the fact that I'm torn between two thoughts:

A.) I don't want Ohio State to win, since they've been the concensus #1 all year, and provide support to the uber-flawed current BCS system.

B.) I don't want Florida to win, since there should never, ever be one school that wins the national championship in football and basketball the same year. It should never happen. There are waaaaaaay too many schools in the country for that to happen.

Can't there be a tie?


8.) I'm saving the miscellaneous section for a full future column about drinkers. I just can't fit it all in right here.


9.) Our team is currently in full training mode for the World Series of Pop Culture. We've been scouring entertainment magazines, Trivial Pursuit categories, VH-1 countdowns and the E! channel meticulously for information. It's tough work, I'm not gonna lie to you. But I think it'll pay off in the long run. Regional qualifying is in February, so we'll have an update soon.


At 1/03/2007 10:42:00 PM, Blogger Kennelworthy said...

I do think they'll be good. And Vince Young is the ROY. Good on him.

And I want that drinkers column.


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