Monday, January 15, 2007

We Might Have a Winner

We haven't really done much of anything on the new format war between HD DVD and Blueray here at L&N. I've been following it more for curiosity sake than anything else; I'm not here to break down the specifics and the differences in megabytes, pixels, etc. Because I have no idea what most of that shit means; I just want to see a pretty picture. I've seen both formats at various electronic stores on display, and they both look great. I've mostly just been waiting to see who was going to come out the victor. And while we have no definate winner yet, it was just recently noted in the news that the Porn industry has decided to side with HD DVD for their upcoming releases.

Now that might not sound like a big deal to most. However, when you do a little more research on this, whether it be a conincedence or not, the Porn industry could be linked with deciding a formats' fate. They chose VHS over Beta and they chose DVD over Divix. So, you do the math.

So, anyone, like myself, with an HD TV interested in buying one of these formats, you might want to wait a couple of months, but it looks like HD might be the way to go over Blueray. Although they are still planning on releasing the combo version from Toshiba a little later in the first quarter, so that along with men who want to yank it to a better quality picture may be the two big deciding factors in how things play out. Good luck to all involved.


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