Monday, January 07, 2008

LSU-Ohio State

Loved how there was all this discussion about Ohio State changing the combination to their locker room or whatever to 4114 in memory of the Florida game last year. These kinds of stories seem to serve some dramatic purpose, almost the same way a lovable underdog might. But I weep not for Ohio State as they lose yet another championship game, 38-24 (new combination to the locker room, in case you want to steal some stuff). They are a huge school always in the spotlight. They benefited from the latest penalty call in sports history in 2003 to win a title, they were big favorites last year and couldn't even give us a good game, and the same applies to this year.

Gotta love Fox's opinion on when the "momentum" changed in this game. With it 10-10, they highlight the blocked field goal. was 10-0 Ohio State at one point...I think the LSU tying touchdown, aided by penalties, was the "momentum" changer. And you all know what I think about momentum anyway.

These games are sucking as bad as the Super Bowl usually does. Can't we get a playoff? Might not make the championship any more exciting, but at least I'd feel better about calling the winning team a champion.

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