Sunday, January 06, 2008

Nashville Postseasons 0-for-California

In the postseason: Predators lose to Sharks twice in two seasons, and the Titans have lost to the Raiders and now the Chargers in this decade.

We can't be upset much this year, because the Titans were lucky to get in. But in a close game like this, the terrible mistakes become magnified.

What the hell is with this secondary? It's OK, no less devastating, but OK, when a team manages to catch the ball even with a defender on them. But in this game, how many passes went to guys who didn't have one guy on them, not even within five yards?

Vince Young has an arm. He needs to use it. How many alligator-arm passes does this guy throw in a game?

Jeff Fisher: You are much too in love with the run up the middle. It's a great play when you mix it in with other plays. Remember in the first half when the Titans were doing play-action and all that? Where did this go?

And how many times do you see it when a Titan gets a first down, has a chance to score a TD, and then stumbles or steps out of bounds, and it ends in either a field goal, missed field goal, or turnover? This happened with the score at 10-6, the Titans in the red zone, and Ahmard Hall on a play that looked busted, then broken for an 11-yard gain, and then he inexplicably fell down. It ended in a missed field goal.

Perhaps winning this game would have set us all up for ultimate frustration next week, where the Titans, with an awful secondary, would have had to face the Patriots.

I'm glad they kept it close. The ridiculous predictions (34-7 from The Sports Guy on ESPN?) did not keep in mind how close these two played in the regular season. You ever see that? When two teams play evenly in a regular season matchup, but the experts predict a blowout? What the hell?

I'm not sure Vince Young showed that he's going to be an amazing NFL leader after this season. I'm not confident in him. I wonder how long the Titans will be patient with his lack of progress. I wasn't expecting him to kick large amounts of ass this season, but I did expect more than last season.

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At 1/09/2008 09:45:00 PM, Blogger Mike said...

I can't agree with you more on Young (I almost said McNair). He's good, but not great, and Titans fans who think next year might be Our Year need to take a deep breath, even though I don't think there are that many who do. He doesn't inspire my confidence. Oh well, a Jags-Pats game is much better anyhow.


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