Saturday, January 05, 2008

AFC Playoff Thoughts

-Pretty straight forward first half, with the Jags simply being a better team. And Roth-whatever not having great decision making at all.

-The pictures of Pittsburgh in HD were so great, I wanted them to just keep it there. Fantastic pictures at night, certainly looked better than that field, even if it was having a "good night".

-The Steelers had no answer for the rushing game, and did you hear the boos. Was anyone else as disturbed as I was at all the booing the fans did? I thought the Steelers fans would get behind their team, but I guess they played just that badly.

-Maybe the Jags hype is for real, huh? The Steelers looked pretty good in the second half, but they weren't the best team today.

-I was thinking the same thing as Al Michaels, that the Steelers should have kicked the extra point in their next-to-last touchdown. They were backed up to the 12 and should have kicked it though. We'd be playing overtime now.

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At 1/06/2008 09:16:00 AM, Blogger TaraB said...

Exactly my thoughts. Had the baby not been sleeping, my screaming could have been heard in Steel City.

I am so disappointed that the #1 ranked defense in the NFL, and the storied Steelers, no less, had no answer for the running attack. The O-line was disappointing allowing the rush through to Ben and for the holding call (which was suspect) on the two point conversion.

Very sad to see the end of the season, but more troubled at the complete downward spiral the Steelers have taken in the last 5 games.

Maybe Ben and Joe Montana can do another commercial singing "Tomorrow".

At 1/06/2008 10:04:00 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Yeah, I was a bit surprised that the Steelers played so poorly, but in hindsight I shouldn't have been. They haven't played that well for a few weeks. Which makes me wonder again how the Cowboys will play next week, as bad as they finished the season.

Here's something I forgot to mention. Yesterday was my cousin's first wedding anniversary. He's a Steelers fan, and she's a Redskins fan. Ouch.


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