Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some NFC Playoff Thoughts

-I forget how good the Seattle crowds are for the NFL, and I guess for other sports. Do you ever really think of Seattle as a great sports town? But they delivered today, even if the team didn't. I think so much of it has to do with that stadium, which I think is fantastic, not only in appearance, but in keeping the crowd noise in.

-Why don't we study that more, how much a stadium affects a crowd? How many teams have you heard of that lost a large part of their character when they changed venues?

-Before the game I thought that there was no way Todd Collins was going to lead this team to victory. Then, it was the rest of the offense that let them down for most of the game, with several drops and no pocket protection. This really wasn't his fault.

-DVR is fantastic. I started the NFC game an hour and a half late and almost finished at the same time the game is, and early enough to pick up the AFC game live. No commercials!

-Man, did Seattle try to throw that game away or what? And then the Redskins threw it right back to them. I hate when a game is decided by bad plays. At times it seemed neither team was ready to step up and win the game. I think it points to how weak the NFC is. If the Redskins were in the AFC South, they would have won six games.

-After Santana Moss gave up on that ball that was returned for a touchdown, I wouldn't have played him in another play. Why do we put up with this from WRs? And that pretty much ended the game.

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