Saturday, September 20, 2003

It may very well be that I have two "top" running backs, but they both suffer for various reasons. Eddie George is not the center of the offense anymore, Steve McNair is, and when Eddie is given the ball it's mostly for short gains. In St. Louis, Mike Martz for some reason doesn't want to give the ball to Faulk as much as Vermiel gives the ball to Holmes in KC. Mostly, my frustration stems from the absolute worst performance a fantasy team of mine has ever displayed, and all of my guys are healthy!

It's a long season, and it's likely you'll see me jump the gun on a variety of things. Yes, I have a chance--of course I do. But after a performance like last week, it's kind of hard to see differently right now.


ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO: Don't have much to add to your comments there, Jonathan. I am a fan of EL MARIACHI but not DESPERADO, and Rodriguez has forgotten what made his smaller movies special (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is another).

COLD CREEK MANOR: One of the most straightforward thrillers I've seen, and some very confusing moments as well. Not giving anything away (and that's what's amazing, you can talk about this movie's entire plot and not give anything away, because there's nothing to give) but there's a scene where Quaid's daughter's horse gets killed and thrown in a pool--now keep in mind Dennis Quaid's character has not displayed one emotion directed towards anger, abuse, violence, etc., but his daughter is absolutely ready to blame him for the horse's demise in a blink of an eye. Also, Quaid is trying to find out what happened to the family that lived there before, and although he has never once mentioned that he's trying to figure all of this out, Sharon Stone's character walks in and says, "He killed them, didn't he?" This is a terrible movie.

UNDERWORLD: Vampires and werewolves! And they have to use guns!? What the hell? There is what I say about this devoid-of-imagination supernatural action movie. It sucks.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR: The best movie I've seen this year. I've seen quite a few over the months that I have described as one of the top of the year or whatnot, but this one will actually likely stay there. Paul Giamatti is great as Harvey Pekar.

SCHOOL OF ROCK: Jack Black's great again, and there's some good laughs to be had. Not your usual Richard Linklater film, but it's certainly going to be one of those OLD SCHOOL type money-makers.

THE RUNDOWN: Surprisingly better than what the trailer shows. A good B-action/adventure film, with some good laughs. I quite liked it.


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