Monday, January 14, 2008

Month Twenty

It's fun around here when one of the sports teams is not only doing well, but better than expected. The New York Giants have become huge talk of the town, drowning out all that Roger Clemens stuff.

The reason the NFC-Championship-bound Giants are a likable bunch, even for a Titans fan like me, is that they aren't an evil empire like the Yankees. Eli Manning is the polar opposite of his ubiquitous brother, very "aw shucks" about everything. I love defensive guys Michael Strahan and Osi Omenyura. They don't really have a big jerk on the team. I was actively rooting for them against the Cowboys in a game I probably wouldn't have cared about a couple of years ago.

Does this mean I'm now a true-blue Giants fan? Well, I think it's more of a "caught up in the moment" type of thing, much like it would be if the Jets were on this kind of run. If the Titans played them tomorrow, I'm sure my tune would be different. I hate Eli Manning. He's so "aw shucks" about everything.

As for work...major changes on the horizon which I'll know more about in the upcoming months. But it might mean a major overhaul. Just know, this has to do with the inevitable change in the movie theatre industry that people have been talking about for years. My second work-related trip to Knoxville is coming in February. And I might need to get my car back, which is perfect timing because the tax return money is going to put me in the position to afford it. It just means I might not be able to move to a new place. Or, it might. Who knows? So many things in the air.


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