Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How an NCAA Playoff System Could Work

Alright, here's my proposal. I think you take the top four teams in the BCS and give them home games. Take the next three teams and put them on the road, and throw in the top mid-major as a reward for the little guy (and a nice opening game for the top seed as well). Here would be your seeds this year:

(8)Hawaii at (1)Ohio State
(7)USC at (2)LSU
(6)Missouri at (3)Virginia Tech
(5)Georgia at (4)Oklahoma

What's not to like? You play the next rounds seeded just like March Madness, and they can be at a bowl site if you like, and would be heavily attended. Play the quarterfinals on weeknights, the semi-finals the next week, and the final at the top BCS bowl. Really, would this be so bad?

I know there are several reasons for avoiding this playoff that the teams give, but none of them seem to hold water for me; they're just excuses to avoid change. I can't help but think that this would be a great money maker. And it would keep Ohio State out of the finals, as they'd be trounced by somebody in the semis!

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