Friday, February 08, 2008

Month Twenty-One

The Giants winning the Super Bowl lit up the town for awhile. Of course the dirty secret about winning a championship is that the high from it lasts only so long, and then everything's back to normal.

It was perhaps doubly sweet for New Yorkers considering that the Patriots were caught cheating against the Jets, although those are two completely different fanbases. What I loved, though, was in the New York Post when they would post the lines for the NFL week by week, they'd always put an asterisk by the Patriots with the explanation: caught cheating.

And, Johan Santana has done a lot to get in all the papers by becoming a New York Met, but as I predicted he's being overshadowed by Roger Clemens and steroids and now, assuredly, Pedro Martinez after the cockfighting video surfaced. Although I have a feeling Martinez' cockfighting isn't going to be nearly as big a deal as Michael Vick's dogfighting fiasco.

By the way, my debt is nearly wiped out. I am in the position, right now, to completely wipe it out but I'd have to strap the belt tight for the next two weeks. So, it might be later this month I can officially say the counter goes to "zero." It's just good not to see four digits in that column anymore. Then the decision: better place or get the car back. Don't know if I can do both, but I'm leaning towards "car" since my job is changing big time in the next few weeks: The new schedule, in addition to limited duties at my theatre in Queens, takes me to two theatres in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, and one in Staten Island. It will give me a chance to tour the city some more. Four boroughs, six theatres, five days.

Which brings this up: Despite being here for nearly two years, I still consider myself a tourist. I still go into The City and look up with wonder at the buildings. When I'm on the Staten Island Ferry, I always make time for the Statue of Liberty, either on the way to Staten Island or the way back. Funny when you see people who ride this thing every day and how it's become old hat and they don't even bother to glance. I'm not sure I could ever get that way, but if you ride it every day I suppose it's just like anything you can possibly get tired of.



At 2/13/2008 12:32:00 PM, Anonymous Doc said...

Would you really want to get a car if you have two theaters in Manhattan? I haven't driven through there, but it looks like murder. I reckon Brooklyn would be a hike using bus and subway, but I would go for the apartment upgrade if I were you.

At 2/14/2008 02:53:00 AM, Blogger Chris said... always, Manhattan would be a bus/subway deal. That's the way it was when I had a car last time. I would rather not drive there.

However, Brooklyn, especially the Sheepshead Bay theatre that I am going to, takes two hours (bus, two trains, another bus), and Staten Island takes two and a half hours (a bus, two trains, the ferry, and another bus). That is murder.

But I'm still undecided on where I'll focus my efforts. I'd rather get a better apartment and be able to ride mass transit, just spending less time doing so. I'd have to go West, young man. Further west. But I'm in no position to afford Manhattan.


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