Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Giants Have Done It

This NFL season definitely fails the Mike test for "What should decide our champion?" because the New York Giants have beaten the New England Patriots 17-14, ending the Patriots' perfect season at 18-1. Imagine that. You lose one game all year and it's the freaking Super Bowl. Historic doesn't even begin to touch it.

Not only did the best team all year not win, but they had to win it against a team they had already beaten. For awhile, I watched this thinking, "Well, the Patriots never win pretty but they always find a way...somehow..." and miraculously they didn't.

I wish I could say I was at a New York bar tonight experiencing the celebration, but I decided to watch this from the safety of my own home. But I know the city erupted on this win tonight and this will go down as legendary, probably sweeter than the Parcells-era Super Bowls. I really became a Giants fan during all this...and that fandom will, in a funny way, probably all end when the next season begins.

What a hell of a catch by David Tyree on that last drive...he should be the MVP, no doubt.

Biggest upset ever. Classic Super Bowl. What fun.

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