Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

It's been quite a while, but figured I'd jump back into this whole blogging thing with some picks for the games this weekend.

Let's start with the upset special...or not. Pats win big. This reporter sees the score as Pats 37, Chargers 13. I think that the Pats will jump out to a 10-0 lead, the bolts will miraculously go ahead by 3. The Patriots will then put their starters in and the game will be over.

On to the interesting game...

Pack 23, Giants 17. The cold weather will affect the offensive output and it will be up the the running backs in this one. While I think that Jacobs and Bradshaw and probably better, the Pack can stop the run and will. Manning throws an interception (the only one of the game) on the final drive with 34 seconds left. This one will be a great game if you like weather and defense.

Who am I rooting for? Bolts and Pack. I hate the Pats, but they are good...Maybe Moss will take his experience of hitting women with his fists and car on to the field and block for a change?



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