Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I could have had a score well into the 90s this week, but who knew Jake Plummer would go nuts, and go nuts with Ashley Lelie, against the Raiders? And who knew that Rod Smith is no longer the first option at receiver (or if he is, he's never open) or that he'd be thrown out of the game? Who knew Rich Gannon and the rest of his team would start playing like the senior citizens they are? I have 5 Broncos/Raiders, and I had the 3 that didn't do anything playing, and the 2 that did everything benched. What's more, I have a bye week, which I hate, this upcoming week. And I'm fairly certain that all of my guys will have career days and I'll score enough points to be the best 2-2 that I could be!

More movies:

ANYTHING ELSE: Probably the funniest Woody Allen movie since DECONSTRUCTING HARRY (some people pan that movie, but it's one of his funniest modern movies). Christina Ricci is great. Woody Allen, finally not playing the lead, gets good laughs--especially a scene involving a confrontation between him and some guys who take a parking spot he was waiting for. Jason Biggs--serviceable.

THIRTEEN: Be prepared for this to go on my top 10 overrated list at the end of the year. One of the most well-received entries of 2003 is this KIDS ripoff co-written by one of the actresses, thirteen herself when she wrote it. There's no doubt there's good performances here, but everything critics panned about KIDS, they praise here, and probably due to the circumstances of the film (the 13-year-old writer, the female-centric "voice" of the film, etc.). If this were written by say, Harmony Korine, we'd be hearing how stale this movie seems, that he's run out of ideas. Instead, we're being told how unique this movie is. Watch KIDS, then watch THIRTEEN, and tell me if you see a real difference other than the unnecessary (but scary) AIDS subplot thrown in by KIDS.

Baseball winds down this week, and I'm disappointed that the White Sox are likely done. Exciting to see the Astros and Cubs tied, with still a possibility of wild card chances for both of them. I don't like the way the Braves are playing going into the playoffs, but no one is exactly setting the world on fire right now, except maybe the Twins, but who really picks them to go all the way? I keep hearing that all 8 teams, whoever they are, have just as good a chance as any other team, but I still think the Giants are the team to beat in the NL, and in the AL, it's the A's even though they haven't proven they can win a series yet.


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