Monday, September 22, 2003

So, I went to the game yesterday, and I was fairly impressed by a lot of things and annoyed by others. I guess it was a typical Titans game. First off, they needed the win badly, and they got it, so that's good. I can't even imagine having to head into Pittsburgh and New England with a 1-2 record. I figure they should be able to pull off one of those games, so a 3-2 start is pretty damn good I would say. Also, McNair looked good, and it was nice to see how well Drew Bennett is adapting in his third year. He's emerging as a strong number two reciever. The time of possession was also beautiful. I'm not sure what the actual stats were, but if the Saints had the ball for more than 11 minutes I would be surprised. There was a couple of stupid fumbles that make you cringe, and the one that resulted in a safety would fit perfectly on the old Marv Albert blooper reels. But overall a good game, and the best they've played so far this year. If Oakland doesn't lay a turd in Denver tonight, this wont' be a bad week. And how about those Vols. I really don't care for UT, but what a hell of a game.


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